Brand Protection

Like you, we want to protect your products and brand from diversion, counterfeiting, “Middle Men,” and increased cost. It’s why we deal directly with all our customers—so we can have complete visibility of your products as they’re being disposed. And it’s why we offer a number of certified programs that provide evidence that products are deemed “unusable/unrecognizable” and that disposal is 100% witnessed. Because protection equals peace of mind.

How We Protect Your Brand

Supply Chain Visibility

We have a variety of “track and tracing” assets that provide transparency from the time of receipt to when the products are destroyed.

100% Inventory Reconciliation

We’re capable of reconciling any size shipment to ensure that your products reach their final destination.

Product Destruction Technologies

We offer shredding technologies, waste-to-energy capabilities, incineration, de-manufacturing, and many more depending on your product needs.

Security BMP’s and 24-hour surveillance

We’re equipped with security technologies that make sure your products aren’t tampered with or diverted.

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