Waste Minimization

You want to save money. And we’re always looking for solvent-based materials (and others listed below) to use within our operation. Luckily, thanks to exemptions and variances granted to us, you’re allowed to ship out RCRA waste to us as a Non-RCRA product. After we perform a rigorous evaluation of your materials to reduce your risk and ensure government compliance, we’re able to use those products as a degreaser to clean processing lines and transport equipment and above ground vehicles—amongst other applications. It all adds up to a winning partnership.

Here’s the waste we can use:

  • Traditional aromatic
  • Aliphatic
  • Ketone-based solvents

Our Process:


We obtain samples and analyze materials


We designate reuse method


We characterize materials as Non-RCRA Products


We receive and reuse materials, while you minimize your waste

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