Anaerobic Digestion

How do you subtract Non-RCRA organic wastewaters and food-based residual waste in a sustainable and cost-effective way? You partner with us. We’ve developed strategic relationships that allow us to keep these materials from being wastewater-treated and/or landfilled. We can actually use these materials to create a methane-rich biogas that can be reused as a substitute energy source to power industrial and residential facilities. And the effluent created in the process can be turned into a “nutrient rich” fertilizer in the agriculture industry. Plus, unlike most waste management facilities, we’re able to operate at a 3-5 million gallon/day capacity. Subtract waste. Subtract cost.

Our Approach

Anaerobic Digestion Diagram

Why us?

  • We offer sustainable processing of industrial and food wastes.

  • We can handle a lot of waste.

    We can operate at a capacity of 3-5 million gallons per day, to be exact.
  • We save you cost.

    Compared to landfills, anaerobic digestion is a much more cost-effective solution for industrial and food wastes.

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