Fact: we specialize in providing creative, cost-effective ways to meet your sustainability goals—whether it’s avoiding landfills, producing zero waste, protecting your brand, or simply practicing good sustainability management.

How? We’re able to recover the energy value from waste by creating a custom spec fuel blend that can be used as energy from waste facilities. This allows us to cost-effectively blend in materials that, on their own, may not qualify for a traditional waste-to-energy program. Less waste in a landfill equals a greener environment.

Our Approach


Understand Your Sustainability Goals

By knowing your goals, we can strategically plan the next steps for implementation.


Perform a Sustainability Audit

Our complete review of all your waste allows us to identify all that qualify for recycling, waste-to-energy, reuse, or resale.


Place Materials

We base placement on your waste’s characteristics and the most sustainable management practices.


Engineer a Blend

We maximize your waste’s “value” by either creating a blend or fitting it into an existing one.


Process as Bulk

We leverage economies of scale.

Why us?

  • We help clients meet their sustainability goals.

    We offer recycling, waste-to-energy, continued use of waste, fuel blending, and many other smart, customized solutions.
  • We have a vast network of strategic waste outlets.

    From recyclers to aftermarket buyers, each organization we approve offers a unique service that aligns with our sustainability goals.
  • We offer a large acceptance criteria.

    We can accept up to 540 different RCRA codes and all Non-RCRA materials.
  • We engineer blends that add downstream value.

    Each of our blends allows other facilities to easily recycle, reuse, or burn in a sustainable manner—adding value to materials with no value of their own.
  • We can reduce your cost.

    We provide disposal facilities with a safe and consistent blend they can use—which optimizes the economies of scale for all our clients.
  • We solve your waste problems easily.

    With experience, knowledge, and resources, we take care of everything so you don’t have to.

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